Miele dryer blower fan replacement

We just finished working on a Miele gas clothes dryer model T9822. The blower wheel was broken (cream colored one). After removing the broken part, we cleaned the area and installed the new fan (black colored one). This is more difficilt than a standard dryer, but it is worth it. Miele makes a very good product!

2 thoughts on “Miele dryer blower fan replacement

  1. Just read your post. I have a T9822 Miele gas dryer with a broken “blower motor” according to the repair person. Am curious about the cost of the part and installation. Many thanks.


    1. Hi Pat, the best way to find out the cost of the part is call Miele direct at (800) 999-1360. If you are located in the Tucson, AZ. Area we would be happy to help you with the repair.


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